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Strategic Alliance

‘No man is an island ... ’ John Donne

In this age of globalisation and collaboration, strategic alliances are essential drivers of growth and success.  Lloyd Meridian Legal has developed strong alliances and collaborative working relationships with a select group of businesses to complement our services.

Crestland Developments Pty Ltd

Founded in 1992, Crestland Developments is a project management company operated by experienced professionals with diverse training and skills.  The company seeks to manage discrete property investment and land development projects primarily in Victoria, Australia.

Franchise It Pty Ltd

Franchise It is a franchise development services firm that provides a wide variety of development and support services to new and existing franchisors.  It has national and international experience in all phases of franchise operations including franchise consulting, expansion consulting, compliance, franchise marketing, channels of distribution consulting, Franchisee recruitment and registration/renewal services.

Lloyd Meridian Consulting Pty Ltd

A consulting firm that specialises in assisting startups with feasibility studies, business plans, project management, financial control and financial modeling.  Lloyd Meridian Consulting also prepares submissions and presentations for businesses and entrepreneurs to Incubators, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity investors and government departments.